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"The electronic files were far easier to locate than having to thumb through boxes of papers located in a storage room. It is definitely more efficient!"


  "Marty was great to work with. He came to our office and quickly put our files on a USB drive."


  "I will definitely recommend DocuScan to all of my business contacts. They are very professional and helpful."

Our Services

Document Scanning - Paper documents will be scanned and converted to digital files that will be conveniently organized in the same way as paper files. These electronic files can easily be e-mailed or printed at any time.

 Digital Storage - Electronic files are stored on a CD, DVD, or flash drive.

 Shredding - For security and convenience, all paper documents can be shredded.

 Password Protection - If security is a concern, access can be controlled by utilizing passwords so that only authorized individuals can view or print.

 Digital Files - PDF files are the most common file types used for digital document management. This cross platform document management system makes PDF files the universal standard for transfer of information. Image files, such as JPEG, TIFF, and BMP, are also available.

 Equipment - DocuScan uses HP© brand scanners, OmniPage Professional software and ReadIris Pro© conversion software.

Now hundreds or thousands of documents can be managed with the click of a mouse, instead of trying to locate them in filing cabinets or off-site facilities.




  • Document Scanning
  • Digital Storage
  • Shredding
  • Password Protection


  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Document Access
  • Protect Information
  • Comply with Requirements

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